High School… It Sucks

After quite a bit of tireless thinking on my part, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to high school in its entirety. This is an expansive category as it can cover just about anything. Yeah, you name it: finding yourself, building your life, or just surviving daily occurrences. I’m a high schooler, you guessed correctly. Actually I don’t think you even had to guess. Ah, the power of assumption. I guess one could say I live life day by day, just trying to search for the best and run from the worst. (Running away from your problems is just about as easy as escaping your thoughts.) There’s nothing quite like waking up to a new, fresh day. Until you realize that the people who hated you yesterday still hate you today and the issues clouding your head the night before come drifting back, like clouds hiding the sun.

I am not a cheerleader nor am I that girl who sits all alone waiting for something to happen. I don’t have a label, never will. I do, however, know that what distinguishes amazing people from ordinary people is the ability to see beauty in everything. It is not something one is born with. I always observe a person for a while. I wonder how life would be seen through their eyes. It bothers me that I’ll never know.



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