Indie Music for Survival

This up-and-coming band goes by the name of Sleeper Agent. Natives of Bowling Green, Kentucky, they have been exposed to the successes of bands such as Cage The Elephant. Sleeper Agent consists of the powerful and catchy vocals of Alex Kandel,  Tony Smith on guitar and backup vocals, Justin Wilson on drums, Lee Williams on bass, Scott Garder playing keyboard, and Josh Martin guiding with lead guitar. This indie rock group has produced one studio album, Celabrasion. Alex Kandel, a mere sixteen years old when the  band began, is definitely an eclectic character. She sports a classic “indie girl” look similar to that of Zooey Deschanel (from She & Him). Matt Shultz, leader singer of the energetic alternative band Cage the Elephantsays of Sleeper Agent “They are the best people on earth.” In addition, Rolling Stone Magazine has named them a “band to watch”. And indie rock fans everywhere will continue to fall in love with such hidden gems as Sleeper Agent.


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