Self Image Awareness

Self image is an issue in this country that is not addressed nearly enough.The media in the past few decades has been manufacturing images of the “perfect” young men and women. Models, both males and female, are photoshopped to fit the the media’s idea of perfect, with no real evidence stating that beauty should look this certain way. Women should be, according to the brainwashing ads on tv: tall, tan, skinny, and blonde. Although in actuality, most models are dangerously underweight. Young girls see these models and believe them to be their role models. They attempt to be “skinny” and put themselves down, resulting in ANOREXIA, NEGATIVE SELF IMAGE, LOW SELF ESTEEM, and DEPRESSION. If one goes on popular social media sites such as Instagram, one will find pictures such as the one shown, commonly posted by teenage girls. Not only do these negative images impact teenage girls, they also send negative ideas toward boys. Though less of an impact, ads aimed toward young men show the average guy as “excessively muscular”. They do not understand that trying to become this “fit” can be dangerous to health as well, especially if someone is not used to intense workouts. The ideas of “perfection” shown by the media are not healthy nor realistic for anyone. There is absolutely no definition of what is beautiful and what is not. We need to love ourselves for who we are, which is obviously easier said than done. We need to take action, to increase awareness of this issue that is overlooked all too often by the public.




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