People Who Inspire Me

I like to fill my life with inspiring people. Some of them are musicians, other are book characters. It’s important for me to know who I want to be. If you have in mind people who inspire you, it might guide you in the right direction.

Kurt Cobain, I think, had so much of a gift that he just couldn’t handle it. Sure, he made some bad decisions. But you must look past that to understand the message he was trying to tell the world. e He brought America together with his music. In the 1990s grunge era, it didn’t matter if you were pop or rock or country. You liked the band Nirvana. People from all places and situations could listen to “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and it would mean something to each one of them. You see, it’s not very often that a band can create music that speaks a message to everyone no matter what their taste in music is. I really wish I could have met him.


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