Indie Movies

Indie movies, you have to love them. “Indie” or independent movies are low budget movies not made to be a hit in Hollywood. They are honest and true and are simply trying to communicate a message to the audience. People assume that just because they aren’t popular or have recognizable actors that they are pointless. I, however, adore most indie movies. They don’t take things too seriously or have overly dramatic actors.

I think that the best indie movie ever is Keith. Keith follows high school senior Natalie (Elisabeth Harnois). She is the epitome of a perfect student: a dream to go to Duke University, a tennis scholarship, popularity, and a loving boyfriend. This all falls apart when she meets Keith (Jesse McCartney), an unpopular and seemingly carefree guy. They become friends after being paired as lab partners. Keith is suddenly interested in Natalie for no apparent reason, following her around and inviting her on “non-dates”. Her friends warn her to stay away from him, as they think he’s up to no good. Eventually Natalie decides to hang out with him. They go bowling in the teachers’ front yards and run around town at 4am.  Later on, he explains that he only wanted to experience as much as he could before he dies. Natalie forgives him and they acknowledge their feelings toward one another. In the last scene, at Natalie’s high school graduation, it is implied that Keith had died. She has acquired Keith’s old habits, including taking care of his old Ford pickup.

This is probably the most emotional and underrated movie I have ever seen. It still brings tears to my eyes.


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