Freshman Year

This year has been indescribable. You know that your life is changing in an extraordinary way when you can feel the world tilting with the changes in life. I’ve changed for the better. I came into school this year a freshman who didn’t think she meant anything to the world. Now I can see all the possibilities fitting into place and that is just one of the best feelings in the world. I’ll miss the excitement of being the new kid and not knowing what to expect. Closing Time by Semisonic is the closest thing to how I feel right now. It’s been on repeat for ages. I’m not doing this post for the enjoyment of the masses. It’s just for me to let go my feelings that I’m conflicted with at the moment. I don’t think I’ll miss the books and homework and assemblies. What really mattered was the teachers who made me laugh, the people who were there for me always, and the memories we all shared together as what you could call a “family”. I will long for the relationships I had with people that I’ve never quite gotten over, ones that were severed at one point or another. Ones I can’t get back. But I can forgive myself. It’s almost time for me to say goodbye to freshman year. R.I.P. Freshman Year 2013!


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