Summer 2013

As I sit on my summer-themed bedspread with Gold On The Ceiling by The Black Keys playing on repeat, I feel urged to write, like it will ease all the other things in my head. Summer is supposed to be a time when we are happy 24/7. Society expects me to go out in a bikini and short shorts and tan on the beach with my array of popular, skinny friends.

This could be far from the truth. I’m just sitting here in junky clothes waiting to go somewhere. I live in Arizona, no beach in sight. If I wore a bikini and tried to tan, I would have the worst sunburn known to man.

I think that Summer is actually when we sort of forget our responsibilities and former friends. We actually have time to look back and realize how one year of school has changed us. I’m pretty sure this isn’t just me being a stupid teenager, maybe I actually have something here.

Summer is part of American teenagers, part of our life experience. It is something we all look forward to. And although summer seems to bring us all to different places far away from one another, we are connected through that feeling of endless freedom, a relatable concept.


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