National Security

As I’ll be flying out to San Diego this weekend, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on my opinion of this nation’s national security. I’m sure you’ve seen all those YouTube of the TSA making little children cry. While that’s a bit exaggerated, I still think some of our policies are ridiculous.

For instance, you are now allowed to bring a small pocketknife aboard a plane. Now, why was this banned a few months ago but suddenly allowed now? I have no answer for that, except for the paranoia characteristic of human beings. After the 9/11 attacks, we were so very cautious. As a matter of fact, many of us were already afraid of flying on a plane, so why not scare ourselves by worrying about what could happen on a plane?

I’m not saying our security is bad, but an attack could happen anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Something happened on a plane, therefore we got our privacy taken anyway. Something happened at a school, therefore our gun rights were limited. There was a bomb in a backpack, therefore any backpack left by itself is suspicious. 

In my opinion, while we are busy upping security in one area, is this really going to help? I think that people are smart enough not to strike in the same place and situation more than once. I see the concern the government has about acts of terrorism, and that’s all good and well. But remember, “It’s not guns that kill people, it’s stupid people that kill people.”


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