I Can’t Eat That!?

I was getting pretty good at eating healthy, up until the end of school came. With the theory that no one would see me due to my being barricaded in the house all day, I ate some ice cream. Then a little more, then a little more. I’m not overweight, I swear. But no matter your size or age, changing your eating habits can be a challenge.

I tried to remember how I had gone about this the first time. I played by my own rules. I resisted the urge to snack when it was not necessary. Things like cake, cookies, chips, greasy foods, etc were left out of my diet. I also tried some gluten free cereal and almond milk (very delicious and lots of protein) for good measure. I did feel physically better consuming or choosing not to consume different foods. When summer came, I neglected my habits. Now I am trying to resume what I had started.

For breakfast I’ve had a peach with Kashi cereal and almond milk, which is a good start. I think how well you can stick with your eating habits depends on the motivation you possess. If you really don’t feel like doing it, you’re almost certainly not going to. Anyway, I wish you luck on building that hot summer body. I will be back from vacation July 6, with hopefully a fresh view on life.  


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