Fats Can Be Healthy?!

When we think if fats in a traditional way, we avoid them like an annoying neighbor. We opt for fat free and low fat foods. But is that really the way to go? Looking into this I’ve concluded that fat free isn’t as jazzy as it seems. The reason is we need healthy fats, the natural ones. Yes, many fats can be unhealthy. But we need certain fats found in foods like fish. These fats can keep skin moisturized, eliminating the need for expensive lotions and promoting softer skin.

A product I have been using lately is cod liver oil. It sounds gross, but the benefits outweigh the burdens of the taste. It feels like drinking olive oil or some other oil. You can take a tablespoon once a day in the evenings. It made my skin do smooth within the first week. This is coming from a teenager with problem skin, by the way. Cod liver oil is a bit pricey, at $30-$50 per bottle. If you are looking for something effective though, I highly suggest cod liver oil.


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