The Many Ways In Which I Flirt

Like many teenage girls, I like to meet guys. I like to hang out with guys. And I like to flirt. Flirting with a guy and having him flirt back is a great mood booster for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I know my teenage relationships won’t last, and I accept that fully. Just because I go out with a guy and like him doesn’t mean I fall in love and believe every word he says. I just enjoy it while it lasts and don’t take my relationships too seriously. How exactly do I flirt? Well, here’s the story:

  • Stealing Your Cell Phone If I make an effort to get ahold of your phone, it usually means I’m somewhat interested. And no, I don’t check your texts to see what girls you’re into. I will act like I’m looking through your phone, but I’m actually putting my number in your contact list. However, I won’t tell you that. You’re just gonna have to figure that out yourself.
  • Asking In-Depth Questions I will usually ask a guy some questions that require deep thinking, to see how thoughtful he is. They would go something like this, ” If you change one thing about the world, what would it be?” If you answer with an “I don’t know”, then I know you’re not my type. I prefer guys with creativity who can think outside the box.
  • Asking About Your Non-Existent Girlfriend If I think the guy I like is single but I’m not sure, I will ask about his girlfriend. If he says he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, I’ll turn it into a joke. Like, “Well, maybe you should get one!” I use this to give the guy a subtle hint.
  • Taking a Long Time to Text Back If I have your number and I’m texting you, I purposefully won’t text back for 15-45 minutes. The main reason being is it makes the guy think I’m busy with other things and that he is not a top priority. This will make him WANT to be my top priority. It’s a guy’s nature to want to work hard for something. If he gets what he wants easily, it’s not going to keep him interested for very long.
  • Asking How Your Day Went If I want to be a part of your life, I’m going to act interested when I’m talking to you. If you had a bad day, tell me. Is someone was being a bitch, complain about them. I don’t mind if you vent to me as long as it’s not the only thing we talk about. Be honest from the very start!
  • Bumping Into You When We Walk This one is a cliché, but it really does get the message across. It clearly wasn’t an accident if I’m already flirting with you otherwise. This basically means that I enjoy being close to you.

Note: I am attempting to come up with more topics for my blog. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment them below. (:


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