The Heat Is On

I am currently sprawled out on my bed in a house of people. You know it’s hot outside when your grandparents belongings are taking up your bedroom floor. My grandparents have fallen victim to air conditioning failure. And I can already see this is going to be a long night until their air conditioning gets fixed. Thanks, Arizona.

Today was definitely out of the ordinary. My ex boyfriend’s sister texted me telling me he wanted his poems to me back. They’re ashes in the bottom of my fire pit now, just saying. Fat chance you would get them back anyhow.

Now I’m not mean and I don’t hold grudges. But when you screw me over its hard for me to take you seriously. I just pick myself up and move on.

After just 2 hours of my grandparents being here, I’ve heard war stories, have the song “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley stuck in my head, and have been listening to the sound of walkers clanking in the hallway. Now this isn’t too bad, I just feel claustrophobic. I’m in the corner of my room currently, escaping all the hustle and bustle. I actually cannot wait for school and the new writing opportunities it shall bring. 🙂


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