Sophomore Year

The book I mentioned in the previous post, Unthink by Erik Wahl,
has still got me thinking. There is a section on building one’s intuition. The techniques of using both intuition and intelligence to encourage creative breakthroughs really are effective. I can implement them in everyday life.

If you question my intuition at the moment, I would tell you my gut feeling is that things are going to change in my life. I feel it will be positive, but not without significant effort on my part.

Before you write me off as some phony astrologer, I have logical conclusions about this. It’s my sophomore year of high school. I’ll probably get a part time job to afford my future car. I’ll get my drivers permit. These are all accomplishments that’ll help me succeed in what in what I want to do. But it’s up to me to decide how much responsibility I put in and what I get out of it.

It’s even more complex for me, being an overachiever. I’m a bit overwhelmed at the thought of balancing AP classes, a part time job, babysitting, volunteering, and a social life. Can I do it? It’s possible, but not likely enjoyable.

All I have to write about is everything in my life. I write about whatever is bothering me in an attempt to resolve it internally. Usually it works, but I don’t know exactly how much writing is capable of solving. I write because no matter how much I organize my material possessions, I can’t seem to organize what’s in my head.


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