How To Get A Better Music Experience

You want to know what really makes me flip my lid? Those hate comments on YouTube music videos complaining about the artist or the song. It seems like as humans we feel the need to voice our opinions regardless of whether the situation is appropriate or whether we will hurt the feelings of others.

Being the music lover I am, I search songs on YouTube in my free time. Even if I try to resist, I cannot help but scroll through endless comments. Usually there is one or multiple people who bitch about the how the song is a remake or the artist is a stupid slut or ***hole. The simple solution to this would be to tell the person doing this that if they dislike the music, go listen to something they do enjoy. But no, everyone has to be disrespectful and have a virtual fight over one meaningless, asinine comment.

After all, music is about unity, creative freedom, and expression. It’s about different people from different places and backgrounds having a purpose to come together and be at peace. We may not all speak the same language, but we can all play music and have that connection. Music is supposed to be a positive experience, not a negative one in which we argue and tear one another apart.

As my reader, I want to give you an idea to ponder and maybe even adapt as your own. Let’s consider the song “Miss World” by Hole, one of my favorite groups. If you haven’t heard the song, you can read the lyrics here

Now if you’re clueless as to the identity of the lead singer, Courtney Love, here’s some info. She’s a highly controversial figure in music. She has a bad reputation, according to some. Most blame it on her drug use and job as a stripper, and of course her marriage to the late Kurt Cobain. Some are fixated upon the idea that he was murdered by his own wife. But nonetheless, many see her in a positive light with her influence on 90s grunge rock, captivating lyrics, and support of the 90s feminist rock group Riot Grrrl. (More on Riot Grrrl will appear on my blog later, thanks to A.)

For a moment, I want you to let go of all your prior judgements and/or opinions of the band Hole or Courtney Love. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of her, think she’s the biggest whore who ever lived, or think she is the queen of rock. Right now I want you to open your mind and contemplate the music and related to it as best you can. The music, that is all.

The song “Miss World” is about a girl who is insecure, a girl who is seeing her life fall apart in front of her. She has the weight of the world on her young shoulders. She is jealous of the perfect girls she sees on tv, in magazines, at school. She calls herself “Miss World” in irony because she feels she is the exact opposite of a beauty queen. Most of all, she’s having a hard time growing up. Girls, I think we can all relate to this. Whether you are (or were) the head cheerleader or a total geek, we’ve all felt there were girls so much prettier or better than us. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I don’t know what to tell you.

Now guys, you probably don’t want to hear about “girly stuff”. Remember what I told you, be open-minded. If you are Mr. Perfect and 100% confident, good for you. We all know that even guys have insecurities.

Now was that so difficult? All we did was analyze a song with an open mind. We (hopefully) related to the song alone and didn’t just write it off because the band “sucked” or you read something negative about them in your People magazine. If we could all just learn to respect other’s opinions, not believe every piece of gossip, and listen for the message in music, we’d realize the true purpose of music. Music is love.


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