High School: The Continuation

Today was the first day of sophomore year. I had the pleasure of awaking at 6 am once again and facing the perpetual 7 hours ahead of me. The worst part of starting school is that friendly smile you have to plaster in your face to even get one person to chat with you. You have to scan a crowd of hyper freshman to find your friends (and maybe even scout out some guys). Looking back, you can’t comprehend how naive and easily amused you were the previous year.

I don’t know about others, but I feel a sense of dread returning to school. You have to abandon summer memories and countless hours of free time to go back to three hours of homework and a busy social life. Basically, you have to rebuild yourself every year: make new friends, learn how to get on your teachers’ good side, and reclaim your social status. All the while the expectations of you are growing along with this.

But they say the best things in life don’t come easy, so my high school years are just something I’ll have to put up with. This year will be what I make of it, and it’ll be unforgettable.


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