Friends… You Need ‘Em

I will never say I am popular. But what I can tell you is I think I’m well-liked. There’s a difference. Popular is doing anything whether it’s mean or kind, to have friends. Well-liked is being polite to mostly everyone, even if it means not having as many friends as, say, a cheerleader. I’m not timid in the least. I can strike up conversation with mostly anyone, as long as they appear somewhat approachable.

However, there’s a problem. People encourage you to “put yourself out there” and communicate with others, especially in high school. Within the high school food chain you’ll find the bitchy girls whom complain about anything just to complain and guys with long hair covering their eyes who seem to struggle with the basics of human interaction. I can deal with most types of people, with the exception of the attractive guy who sits behind me in chemistry class whose name I don’t even know. I still need to find an excuse to chat him up. It’s on my to-do list.

My problem, as I was, saying, is that I overdo making friends. Right now I chat with so many people that I go blank on names. I’m not bragging, this is actually my social life taking over the rest of my life. I don’t have the heart to tell people to go away, so at the moment I’ll just have to remember my list of names. Yep, I’m Miss Social Butterfly.


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