Why Do We Enjoy Bullying Ourselves?

I want to discuss an issue that I don’t believe gets enough attention. I see posts on my Instagram daily of people bashing themselves for being “fat” or “ugly”. In fact, if you happen to look up #ana on Instagram, you will see a notification warning you of the graphics images that you will come across. If your don’t know what I’m talking about, search #ana on Instagram and prepare to be disgusted.

Most images are of people with severe anorexia claiming how “beautiful” it looks to become that thin or blood flowing out of self-inflicted cuts. I can barely stand this, it makes me want to cry and ask what society has come too. The issue when I comment on one of these “ana” posts telling the person they are beautiful and they DO mean something is that they just won’t accept it. Actually, it seems to have an opposite effect of what I intended. When it comes to a person with self-esteem issues, showering them with compliments can drive them to hate themselves even more.

This shouldn’t be, but I think it may be due to the psychological factors. Someone with self-esteem issues sees his or herself differently than others do. We focus so much attention to ourselves that we analyze our every flaw and them magnify them to make it seem as if a monsters is what is staring back at us in the mirror. How can we get people to view themselves in a positive light? I’m still searching for the answer, and I have confidence that it’s within reach.



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