We’re Too Judgmental

I have reason to believe that everyone has both advantages and disadvantages in their life. For instance, the cheerleader you know. Yeah, the one that has the perfect body and all the guys? Have you ever thought that maybe her parents fight all the time and she cries herself to sleep every night. And the geeky girl who has no friends? Maybe she’s on the verge of genius and is the developing the new software for your future iPhone 10. You just never know.

You’ll never completely know anyone’s story but yours. You just can’t make assumptions based on the 1% of a person’s life that you know about. I personally think we all have something to hide. It’s not always bad. Just think about it, is there something about yourself you don’t tell the world? Probably. Keeping this in mind, it starts to make sense. As humans, we hurriedly gather as much information about a subject as possible in order to draw a quick and easy conclusion. But the truth takes time, sometimes forever. Be understanding, be open minded, and be there for the ones you care about. Do this and you’ll bring out the best in yourself.


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