Imperfections Make Us Stronger

Today I am particularly lonely. I’ve been socializing, chatting, complimenting combat boots and cute t-shirts all day. I’m just fine then. I look to surround myself with people, to fill my life with constant conversation and the news of those around me. I no longer like to be alone. When I have no one to talk to but my own subconscious, my doubts start. Maybe that girl was just complimenting me because she felt bad for me, I think. Or maybe that “best friend” secretly hates me. But I know all too well that I shouldn’t get hung up on that.

It’s not helpful to let your pessimistic thoughts raise self doubt. All that will result from this is unlimited loss of self esteem. Although it’s important to know your flaws and how to go about accepting them, it’s not good to let them invade your mind. Yes, you have flaws like every other being in the universe. But do these flaw ultimately control your every action? Only if you let them.


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