The Three Things That Matter In Life

In a world where humans continue to complicate life with anything deemed “newer” or “better”, it’s refreshing to have a philosophy that can simplify life into what matters and what doesn’t. I live by the quote, “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” The vast majority of life is constituted of material things that seemed to matter at one time. The key to making peace with yourself is to look past all this to the simple things that made you the happiest.

Once you realize the causes for you positive experiences in life, you’ll find that love and other feelings, rather than money or your possessions, are what put you on the right track. True happiness is less a result of things man made and more a result of what comes naturally to us.

Everyone has days in which their every action seems to result in failure. It is in our human nature to feel depressed, angry, or frustrated sometimes. The reason why these emotions occur within us is so we can learn to navigate the ups and downs in life. Now if you love unconditionally, whether it’s family or a random stranger, this love will eventually find its way back to you. Love works in mysterious ways.

I make it a point to take care of myself. According to me, “living gently” means respecting myself and working toward being the person I want to see in the mirror 20 years from now. In today’s society, there are countless influences that affect how we view ourselves.  Far too many people think they need to be a certain weight or size to meet the standards. Some go to great lengths to become what society wants them to be. I don’t believe this is taking care of oneself. It’s necessary to acknowledge and accept our flaws. However, we need to overlook them in order to feel truly confident in ourselves.

As humans, we attach ourselves to what feels comfortable and familiar. Often times we have difficulty realizing when this source of comfort is gone. For example, when my relationship ended. For the most part, it hurt. I wanted my ex back along with all the memories we shared. It’s devastating to know that this comfort I had felt with the person was destroyed. In any circumstance where we must let go of something not meant for us, the best we can do is pick ourselves up and move along. We must know that there is something else out there meant for us. The journey we take in search of whatever this is can be rewarding.

With this philosophy in mind, I feel like I can overcome everyday problems. A problem that appears complex can actually be easy to solve if it’s viewed in the right way.This is what life comes down to, three simple things that demonstrate what really matters in the end.



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