Why You Should Be Nice to Geeks

We all had that one total nerd in our classes at school. He/she always answered all the questions, obsessed over extra credit, and didn’t use “like” after every word as the rest of the population did. He/she may have been a laughing stock. Maybe you only talked to him/her because you needed “help” on your test. But I’m telling you right now, whether you’re still stuck in high school/college or not, don’t take advantage of intelligent people! I don’t think I’m uneducated, I have AP classes. I’m just not exactly planning on Harvard.

These kind of people don’t just have genius up their sleeve, they ACTUALLY work tirelessly and care about their future. You don’t need to be Einstein, you just need to have the habits of Einstein. If you focus on your academics and make doing well a top priority, that’s a start. You need to be willing to go above and beyond and set aside time to accomplish your goals. This here is what “nerds” do. They study, a lot. They’re motivated to rise above the rest. And down the road, they’re awarded for their efforts. Mediocre or average just doesn’t cut it. When they grow older, the mediocre and average will be working for them. Then who’s laughing? “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.” Bill Gates once said this. I couldn’t agree more.


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