Here We Go Again

Going out with your ex, it’s a whole new battle that transforms your love life. There’s divided opinions, if anything. Some believe it labels you as desperate and unable to move on. Others find reasons to justify it, whether it’s working out past differences or being “soul mates”. I think it’s a considerable choice, under reasonable circumstances.

I’ve heard many a friend discuss their whirlwind romances. Games that had them going around in circles, chasing after the good but only finding the bad in their relationships. First of all, I want you to know that both of you have to be willing to be in the relationship, not just you begging your sweetheart to fall in love with you again. The interest must be mutual, or else this will lead to issues (especially if inequality of interest occurred in the past). Second, you must know that when and if the relationship ends, you will get hurt even worse than the first time. Problems that caused the breakup in the first place just build up over time. Not only might people disagree with your choice to rekindle a relationship and warn you, but you may also be having doubts yourself.

Not to say that going out with your ex is completely off limits. Being reasonable about it is important. After all, it’s not healthy for any relationship to go back and forth constantly. You need to know when to quit if need be. However, if both you and your partner agree to start the relationship and you’re damn sure you just can’t stay away, it’s ok to give it a chance. I believe in second chances, but nothing beyond that. If you will yourself to ignore the chemistry between you and the person, that’s going to take tireless effort. And they’re going to have to deal with it too.

Whichever direction you chose to go, it’s not easy on your heart. You won’t always immediately know what to do. Remember, there always a marked trail to get you to the most beautiful places.


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