My Life As Of Wednesday, September 4

My life has been a madness of homework, relationships, homework, exercise, and homework lately. I’m having significant difficulty writing this post and gathering my thoughts. There are a lot of problems occurring, crack in friendships that I did not see until now. For one of my best friendships, it was too late. The worst part is that I have no time to process my feelings. I have no choice but to hash them out by pressing keys randomly and creating letters which in turn puddle into words.

I want to ask someone what I am supposed to do when I have feelings for more than one person. More so, what am I to do when those feelings I have could unintentionally hurt my friends. None of my homework prepared me for this. I can sit here and pine over how I might hurt people’s feelings. Or I can just do what I want to do. It’s a a fork in the road when your heart doesn’t even know what’s right. You just have to take a path and traverse it as best you can.


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