I’m Sticking With the Nice Guys

I’ve never been the “nice guy” kind of girl. I’ve never been the “bad boy” kind of girl. I’ve just been the “nice enough guy” kind of girl. All of the guys I’ve had relationships with were nice at first, yet that fizzled out until they didn’t seem to care much at all. At the moment I have a really sweet guy. He’s basically right there within reach. He’s generous and sweet and it’s kind of overwhelming. It’s difficult to adjust to in fact. He’s paying for my homecoming ticket, which shocked me in itself. Had I even suggested the idea of going to a dance to a past boyfriend, he would have responded with “I don’t like to go to dances and I wouldn’t enjoy it but fine.” Truth is, it’s more comfortable when my boyfriend doesn’t care all that much. I can’t tell you why, But this new guy, he’s always available. He never forgets to text back or say good morning or give me a hug. I officially think I’m more comfortable in unstable relationships.


3 thoughts on “I’m Sticking With the Nice Guys

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