The Pros and Cons of Dating A Friend

So you’re dating a goof friend. The two of you have a strong mutual attraction. Wait, they’re no longer a friend. And at this point it’s rare that a friendship between you two will ever exist again. Once you cut the legs off your pants to make shorts, they’ll never be pants again. You could of course sew the pants back together, but they’ll never look quite the same.

Then again, dating a friend can be a great choice under the right circumstances. They know you and what you like. Maybe the chemistry between the two of you just clicks. They know your goals and the type of person you want to be with. And they can better be that person than a stranger you just met. Your friend turned significant other can either be downright awkward or not in the least. Awkward because your other friends might have mixed opinions or not awkward because you are more comfortable talking to them. Is it worth losing your friend for a relationship? It’s subjective.


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