Homecoming Romance: Creepy DJs and Slutty Dresses

There’ll be flashing lightd, the over-the-hill DJ, couples making out along the sides of the room. Ah, the joys of homecoming. I would not have even considered going had my friend (currently my boyfriend) not asked me. I mean, all it really is is a chance for hormone crazed teenagers to grind on one another in a dark room with little parental supervision. But I agreed to go because you can’t just lead on the guy that you know really cares about you. So I decided I would be a good experience.

I’ve subliminally decided that my boyfriend and I should have our first kiss at homecoming, just to be remarkably cliche. How much more cheesy can you get? Not much more, but we’re both kind of dorky like that. Just imagine it, a kiss under the pale glow of the fluorescent gym lights. How romantic!


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