Life Is Precious

Last weekend, a boy named Cody at my high school committed suicide. No one knows why. People who live near him say they ate shocked. And the truth is, we’ll probably never know the whole story. Whenever something tragic like this happens, we can’t feel guilty for what you couldn’t have done. If I had known he was feeling this way, would I have been his friend? Without a doubt. But I didn’t know all this, so it couldn’t have happened. But I will take a second to think about how many people I’m loved by. Cody couldn’t see this himself, which is so unfortunate. Because there’s always people who loved and cared about him and there always will be.

There will be times when you want to give up. It happens to the best of us. What will save you is the ability to see the big picture and how much you matter to this world. Cody mattered, I matter, and so do you. That will never change. Life is truly a gift that is best opened slowly. R.I.P. Cody.


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