Homecoming Week

Homecoming week is like pulling the monster out from under my bed again. It’s scary. This includes but is not limited to: 10 tests and quizzes throughout the week, two 3 page writing assignments, and attempting to look decent Saturday night.

I know I’m confident but when that monster roars I get nervous once again. Homecoming is supposed to be a fun time right? Yes, if you don’t consider all the precious time and money it takes. Now is when I realize why I don’t do these school events very often.

The results of my tediously planning are creeping forward, yet not with the speed I had original hoped. I run from place to place without even a thought of slowing down. This week is one huge headache.

Of course, I can just think of all my wonderful friends that are going to be there that special night. Then I remember why I need to face the monster that is homecoming at my school.


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