Together Forever…. Can You Not?

One thing that really pushes my buttons is THOSE couples. Yes, those couples in high school who will “be together forever”. They act as though their so-called love will last longer than a week or two. Rule number one of teenage dating is to accept that in most circumstances, the relationship will not last. Of course you can convince yourself that it will. But that doesn’t lengthen the relationship. It just makes it hurt more in the end.

The PDA is pretty annoying too. To the couples who are making out during lunch at school: please eat your food and not each other. We can all see how in love you both are, just to see you broken up and in tears a week later.

I’m not saying you should be so cynical as to not enjoy the relationship, but be aware that it may abruptly end. Then, you’ll be onto the next. And I can tell you that years down the road your high school relationship will be just a faint memory. We all change and sometimes people don’t get along like they used to. You may not be with your significant other forever, but having him or her in your life right now will be part of you forever. That person will be with you forever but not necessary be WITH you forever.


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