Why Foster The People Is An Overrated and Underrated Band

“Pumped Up Kicks” was an immediate Billboard hit in 2010. I remember when I was an awkward 12 year old not so long ago. I had braces and glasses and my true love was music. I saw the music video one fateful night at 1 am. I was hooked on “Pumped Up Kicks” from the second the sound of the infamous whistling met my ears. Soon enough, the song was everywhere. I heard it in the car and at school. It became over played and no one appreciated its surprisingly dark meaning.

However, the craze left as soon as it came. Some other song came and shoved Foster off of the Billboard and into the endless sea of music past. I think “Pumped Up Kicks” had too much publicity. It is a great song, but it never should have left the boundaries of the indie genre. Had it stayed in its place, its listeners would have respected the resr of the album far beyond its hit song. The whole album went to pot because of “Pumped Up Kicks”.

If you take the time to listen to the rest of the Torches album, you might find it to be quite interesting. The rest of the album, I can say, is an acquired taste for fans of MGMT and such. Some say Foster is copying MGMT. There is a difference between copying music and copying music style. Foster the People is influenced by the electric indie pop of MGMT. That’s how we get new music, people, new bands being influenced by old bands and so on. Nothing is 100% original. All music comes from something else.

Next time you’re itching for some new tunes, turn on some Foster The People and see for yourself. It stands true that we overlook the good on our lives. All we need is someone to point it out for us and it’ll all become clear.


One thought on “Why Foster The People Is An Overrated and Underrated Band

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