The stare of the longing desire,
Of loss that overtakes the bearer,
A harmonious sea of wonderment,
Awaits our grasping hands,
A divergent golden sea,
Salt in the breeze,
The water lays upon the waiting sand,
To spread along the cracks of shells and detritus,
And leave the screams of the condemned out at sea.


What He Is

He is gentle,
He is a soft breeze on a summer day.

He is quiet,
He is what I cannot be.

He is unforgettable,
He is that song on replay in your head.

He is mine,
He holds my heart together with an infinite power.



You run like you’re blind,
that hole in the earth you don’t want to see,
Know that you’re going to fall,
because there’s nothing there,
nothing there to catch you,
and you fall hard,
for you knew nothing was there,
nothing ever was,
but you were heartless,
and ran with the thrill of it all,
and now we know,
how you regretted to see what was right in front of you.

An Original Poem